Lockdown Ramblings

Lockdown Ramblings

July 06, 2020 ( last updated : July 06, 2020 )
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Some ramblings during lockdown a few weeks ago, had to stay local with the Scottish Government guidance so a chance to check out some stuff in the Bathgate Hills I had never visited before.

First up, Raven Craig Woodland in West Lothian. Found this by accident when sheltering in the rain in the car eating a snack or two. When torrential downpour stopped realised I was in a car park for a woodland walk so went to explore.

Raven Craig Wood

Who was Troll? (I can find no mention of this on the internet)

A memorial stone with Troll written on it with tree in background

It was a nice little walk through the woods and the view was fantastic (or would have been without the rain).

After a short rest decided to go from the top of Boghall to the Korean War Memorial to collect more standing stones I had not visited before and because I’d never been to the Korean War Memory before.


First stone on the way way was the Galabraes

A menhir on a hill with towns and turbines in background

The route goes past the Knock so a quick spring to the top of that was required. Although the wind was so strong if I had a kite I could have got to the top for free!

There is the Knock Stone Circle which is a modern stone circle!

A stone circle in a field

The route goes past Cairnpapple but obviously that was closed due to COVID-19 restrictions.

I did not take any photos of the War Memorial as it seemed disrespectful. Had a quick lunch of vegan sausage rolls and chocolate before climbing up to the Witch Crag to find the Craigmailing Boundary Marker. Until I was looking up the history of this I never realised the Knights of St John were quick so active in Scotland. With their headquarters only being a short distance away at Torphichen.

A stone with a cross built into a drystone dyke

On the return leg I think i noticed where the Scottish hobbits are hiding.

A stone entrace in the hillside

Also came across a doll enjoying a quick paddle in a puddle.

A doll in a puddle

And a very tired looking polar bear (must have been all the sun)

A plush polar bear on a path

Originally published July 06, 2020
Latest update July 06, 2020

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